Dental Implants

A missing tooth can significantly impact the beauty of your smile and can make your confidence level plummet. Whether you had to have a tooth pulled because it was decayed or you lost a tooth in an automobile accident or sporting injury, you will want to fill in this area to restore the look of your smile and improve your ability to chew and speak. With dental implants at Hometown Dental in Hesperia, California, you can enjoy a completely natural-looking option that will last for years to replace missing teeth.

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Using Dental Implants to Replace Missing Teeth

Today’s dental implants offer you an excellent solution for replacing any missing teeth. Instead of traditional partial dentures or even bridges, which can be uncomfortable and loose in your mouth, the dental implant functions and looks much like one of your natural teeth. A dental implant mimics tooth roots as it is deeply embedded in your jawbone. With over 30 years of history behind modern dental implants, you can trust that this process is safe and effective.

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The Steps for Implant Restoration

Before your dental implant can be placed, you will need to have the area in your mouth prepared. This could include removing the damaged or diseased tooth and grafting new bone into place if necessary. Bone grafting is usually done if you do not have enough bone in the area or if the bone is too soft for implant attachment. If you do need bone grafting, you will have to wait several months for the area to heal and the new bone to set before continuing with the process.

Next, the dentist will place the implant post, which is made of metal and is designed to be drilled into the bone. It will function much as a natural tooth root. You will then need to wait up to two months for this area to heal sufficiently before having the permanent crown placed. Until then, a post known as an abutment will be left poking out of the gum line, or the dentist may opt to stitch up the gums and place the abutment later.

Once the implant post has bonded sufficiently to the bone, it is time to place the permanent crown. The crown is put on top of the abutment, which is screwed onto the post. After this step is completed, the resulting dental implant will look just like a natural tooth and will be perfectly color-matched.

A secure and lasting solution.

Never be embarrassed again. You’ll be smiling in no time.

The Many Benefits of Implant Restoration

As you can imagine, choosing a dental implant to replace a missing tooth can significantly improve the aesthetics of your smile. It can raise your confidence at work and in social settings and can help you look and feel more like yourself again. However, implants can also provide a variety of other benefits that can affect your overall oral health.

First, dental implants can improve the health and strength of your jawbone. When there is no tooth in a particular area, the bone there tends to decrease in size and strength. Dental implants can keep the rest of your teeth healthy so that they resist shifting in your mouth.

Second, dental implants can make it easier for you to bite or chew. Once the titanium implant post is set in your jawbone, it is incredibly strong. You will find that you can once again eat all of your favorite foods.

Third, getting a dental implant can keep your facial structure from changing. Your teeth serve as important supports in your mouth. Your implant can help you maintain your youthful look.

Caring for Your Dental Implants

You will be able to care for your dental implant much as you care for your natural teeth. Brush it at least twice per day with a soft bristle brush. Be sure to use a toothpaste designed for sensitive teeth so that you do not harm the crown. Also, be sure that you floss around the implant every day, avoid very sticky foods, and come back to see your dentist at least twice per year.

Finding Affordable Dental Implants at Hometown Dental

Today, over three million Americans currently have dental implants, making this a widely known and popular dental treatment. It is no wonder that so many adults opt for this treatment for replacing missing teeth because it is a proven method of improving the look of the smile and for giving patients back the ability to chew and speak normally.

At Hometown Dental, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to feel great about their smiles. That is why we offer affordable dental implants to our patients. Call our office today to make an appointment with our skilled dentist, and find out if a dental implant may be the right choice for you.